Friday Favorites

I’m finally in New York City! I came with a bag of cameras, some walking shoes, a little nostalga and virtually no plan. I couldn’t be happier about that last part. All I wanted to do was wander the city and see what treasures are to be found. Painting really took my summer over and I didn’t do nearly as much shooting as I would have liked so I’ve been looking forward to this long weekend for months. I love New York, and who doesn’t? It lives & breathes more than any other city.

I’ll be back with more photos from the trip next week but in the meantime, these are some of my favorite finds from this week….

A short history of manipulated photos aka life before Photoshop.

Drugged self-portraits by artist Bryan Lewis Saunders. An experiment in art gone slightly wrong but resulting in some pretty spectacular self-portraits.

The New York Public Library has an amazing digital gallery with thousands of historical digitized images. An old-fashioned Pinterest, but more interesting.

A short interview with one of my favorite photographers, Todd Selby, about his new book with beautiful photos of food.

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