Friday Favorites

Denver skate park.

Another week has come & gone bringing my imminent departure ever closer. I’m not quite ready to leave city life, with a long list of things I never got around to doing this spring or summer while I was moping about. But it’s the weekend and I’m ready for a break from work. I’m hoping to get one last SUP session in, take to the streets with my new street photography lens and finish prepping for my trip to Antarctica.  A few recent tidbits…

An experiment in creative living.

I want to move to downtown Portland at some point. So many good reasons!

The new Mumford & Sons album Babel is out. And it’s fantastic, in my opinion.

They did IT! New Impossible instant film that doesn’t have to be shielded when it comes out of the camera. A huge instant film coup!

I’m the kind of person that has to find the perfect pencil to write with, thinks mac & cheese can only be eaten from a bowl and pizza tastes better cut into squares. Something about shape and function, I want them to meld perfectly. Like these triangle notebooks. I think my poetry must certainly be better written on a triangular page.

Happy weekending!


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